Friday, February 9, 2018

page one

"dry dock - Superlative Station"
we were on a submarine train, like a chain of sausages in a tube of jelly on our way to Tuba City Beach, AZ. how long had it taken to carve these routes?
those deep-gravity drills they had now, the zero-friction jelly they have. of course, it isn't zero friction, but close enough to boast. and our magneticity, sensitive enough to attract an iron flea off the aluminum nose of a distant dog. and our truth-detection technology, "do you love me?" "yeah." "mip-mop" "you fuckin' liar! i can't believe i gave you my virginity!" a two-head in the bench across the way was saying-saying.
"dry-dock - Storm Drain"
the two-head gets off, fuming-ignoring. the air coming in here smells wet and sugary. i feel like i am inside a piece of hard candy inside of some kid's mouth. i hate cavities, the sub-train starts moving again, 400, 500, 600, who knows how many kmh. you can get all the way around the globe in a little under 24 hours. a select person could make it in 7-10. you can stop under the Pacific Ocean, but there is nothing to do there. this is where they keep the comas and the religious zealots who pray and enjoy the feeling that the entire ocean is pushing them down to hell. when the zealots aren't praising something, they got 'em monitoring the comas, rather monitoring the machines keeping them warm.
"dry-dock - Pacific Coma Ward and Ecclesiastical Society"
a couple of mendicants in hospital scrubs hop up and disembark, smiling at the ceiling. the ocean is a lot of things. to some people it is terrifying churning chaos. to some people it is the first and final womb of man. to some it is a lover, always in the mood, always wet (sex-on-the-beach is a ménage-a-trois). to those mendicants it is all these things, and thus, a god. to comas, it must be more like being a joey in a mama kangaroo's pouch. comas wake up on their own, walk around for a few days and then go back under, sometimes they're stuffed back in. one thing about zealots, they're terrible at learning from people. shouldn't someone be interviewing these waking joeys? is there anything of value in their dreams? being a coma is something like asceticism. most people choose permanent virtual reality, which is rather passive and a waste product of the human engine. so, they thought it practical to put the ascetics and zealots together, but zealots are idiots.
"dry-dock - Western California Island of Pornographic Research"
a couple of scientists disembark, two females, one male. let me tell you something about pornography, it never hurt anyone. i don't mean the actual people in the industry, some of them were whipped to blood or had their buttholes damaged, i mean the consuming public. people got some working knowledge about the human body, maybe used it on each other with varying results. the isolation of California made it possible to paint a picture. access to the island could be controlled, pornographers identified, profiled. eventually, the industry was destroyed and then perfected and reinstated. somewhere in the virtual reality/porno reservations of Kansas, Nebraska and Dakota, a men's choir befouls the wind with a grunted melody.
"dry-dock - San Diego, Continental California"
this is our stop; the sub-train is headed for Cuba. we'll be following the coast to Tuba City Beach by land-train. i am afraid but i also feel invincible today. i wish i was traveling alone.
people who ought to be alone try to team up; that is a mistake compounded when people won't admit that their own instinct to team up was manufactured outside of their head and imported. people can't deal with the permeability of their mind. and then they are more suggestible. then they form a new team to protect them from their other team, then they turn on themselves and their entire mind is suggestions. spiders are alone, lizards, sharks. people are omnivores. the habitat of a person is the mind. a person alone has a healthier ecosystem, a person alone is a microcosm. then come suggestions; the vilest suggestion Love - Love gets into every nook and cranny and destroys the universe. the universe. the universe. the universe. there is one of them and it is you. Love destroys the universe one suggestion at a time. Love is a weed and an addiction. Love makes the world go ‘round, ceaseless, restless, tireless, ravenous.
"now arriving - Tuba City Beach, AZ"
here we are. lots of people getting off here, but luckily, thanks to Bobbin Ramses, there is no Love in Tuba City Beach, AZ or anywhere else.  


Sunday, January 18, 2015

formal thing

Pillows in a pill box

Wet with sleep before

Get vertical.

Oils, dirges in canoes

This is a whistling horse
Justifiably so.

All over the airwaves
You hear the ghost guitars
You see the chariots drag ass

A beam of pasta
Wriggles from the eye of the sun
Angel hair scorpion tail

Buffering zodiac
Hand clap
Han-andha Cl-nd-appp-cl-aaap.ha

Old he-fur wiry
Militant not at all cute
Dubious and land-lubbing

Pragmatic starfish
Slowly consumes the entire
Bottom of the sea
Which is slowly collapsing

An animal on the phone
Is a tired beast
Tired of its beastliness
And just ugly to its health

Fixing stares
Spiral death stayers
To go one direction only
And cutting off supply of food

Stay-go, sore-asses --
!Spiny napes in war
Clobbered in the heart
With wads of mud and fist

Hirsute sculls
Complex ripples climbing
Up the walls with hooves
Clip-cl0p 134storyBldg

Opinionated ladders
to avoid completely
Vertically mute under headdress
"She" addresses cross and
Parched in a sauna

Looking to disagree
Stomach and Quiet
Looking for loops...
Eyes to run line through
To bind disparate hearts

An old man on a young river
An old woman poses in the mouth
Of a teen-aged shark
In a new part of the ocean;
A glacier has committed suicide.

A race from top to bottom
Corkscrew on a hydraulic kangaroo
A race from bottom to buried
Through spectrums of revelation
Drip, drip, drip

Closer to the magnetic core
Fear of fear of fear of fear of
But attraction/ defiant --
Foolhardy certain and fated
And gusts of keen amnesia

Eyes swimming and splashing
4 Together in a perimeter
Tumultuous ratios/scope of field
Running headlong into headlong.
Remembering what's eventual

out of white

Out. Of white
A brain full of ???s
Out of ink
More massless than then. That
Masslessness st-
Uck to masslessness.
You remember me, light
Lightly as ever
Buoyant on coincidental
A bit wetter night dreams
Is clingy tissue
But you remember me dry
Like ash
Pure as ash too
With heavy hands, seems like.
Fists tight around nothing.
And loose on the wheel
Driving away
Driving away from everything
If anything is tight
And not already
stuffed between fingers
Strength of grip
Of fingers gravity
What else?
Inconsequential breadcrumb border


Sitting on a fire
wants to combine

j w-c

Judgy whale-clouds, horns bend into fingers in drinks -- longwhite straws...
Gyrocational blandness. Data-pledging all night on the cold line; Hit up for shake after.
Made juice of just a bit of tusk
Male curvature of a glowing tumor
Very sanctimonious.
Girly boyy
Vegegetableble recipes for 4 oñions, a spider's stomach and forehead powder
After the shine music, splinters
And after that, fingrrtip caverns
And then, words that feed on themselves

Sunday, November 23, 2014

new ommy ropes

omith old ones
u ©an†
maybe means now

rotating in to take a sweat
swat at yor head

gorillas the size of planets
on hooks in the freeze

that's yoour plan
to organize a front
against the wind?

to Eat the challengers
or maim
to maim and run

to orga9s a back against the wave?
is yyoyr plan?
to burn dryly
burning whatwho?

sides top bottom
against the
all against
against the
all again again again again

theyre all gone

hey hello hell

naïveté as weapon
against want hump

chisel a face out of thought
children-like clouds
uf durt
who friends are
made of dancing blood

forever feathero
father hero eros rose sense seasickness

or coming out of dixy dust
foe ever in lock
hot got breath
sinus pressir

a slob in ruined knock knick knox
a war of clam chimp
ƒoe weather om 
road colored road
jism blankets
mixed in table cloths for guests
celebrar coxc©

press here
for sounds